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Marine Tank Support At Chosin ... Bulls On Ice

The Weapons we fought with

Materials available to the enemy in 1951

One difference between Marines and Armor, Marines don't know when a mission is impossible
M4 on ice

Chosin Reservoir, Near Hagaru-ri 11/50

This M4 Sherman lost traction on the relatively flat MSR near Hagaru. Trying to navigate the mountainous route through Toktong pass to support the 5th and 7th Marines was just possible for the M4, almost impossible for the heavier and underpowered M26.

The tanks did provide invaluable artillery service around Hagaru when the Marines lacked enough manpower to control the heights around their base encampment. Later, during the fight-out, the tanks did supply critical support for the exhausted Marine Infantrymen.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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