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F4U Corsair, VMF 214, Chosin Reservoir 10/26/50

F4U Corsair

F4U Corsair (Chinese photo), was disabled by ground fire and crash landed in North Korea

The magnificent 1st Marine Air Wing gave the 1st Marine Division Infantry constant close support during the withdrawal. There were other Marine and Naval Fighting Squadrons who also gave close support for our troops on the ground. Those they fought for will not forget them while we live.

Thanks to former plane captain of WE 18, Staff Sergeant Floyd P. Stocks, USMC, we can now give the history of this plane and its pilot.

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Hello Marine,

Yes, I can help you with the story of WE18. I was assigned as plane captain on WE18 in November 1948. During March 1950 the squadron, VMF-214, flew 3,136.6 hours syllabus training. We18 had an engine change during that month putting it out of commission for one afternoon. A check crew led by SSgt. Titus Willis and I made a complete disconnect of the engine, towed it to the nearby SMS-12 engine shop and swapped it out with a QEC (quick engine change), towed it back to our hanger, completed the installation and working all night we did the engine "slow time" running it at idle RPM most of the time. WE18 was 'UP' and scheduled for a test hop the next morning. Other than that engine change I had very little trouble with her over the two years. I was very proud of her record.

When the pilots of VMF-214 launched from the deck of USS Sicily (CVE-118) on 3 August 1950 WE18 was in that flight participating in the first attack against NK troops by Marines.

26 October 1950, WE 18 crash landed in North Korean territory after being disabled by ground fire. US Marines got to the pilot before the enemy, and helped him from the area. The Marines threw several hand grenades into the fuselage and cockpit to complete the destruction. Note the white marks forward of the windshield. Each mark represents one of the (52) combat missions flown by the plane.

My log from 26 October 1950 (Aboard US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Sicily, CVE-118) WE18 didn't return from a mission. I took care of that beautiful Corsair for two years. Now she is gone. I'll never forget WE18. Lt. Joe Bibby was the pilot. He made a wheels-up landing near our Marines. He is ok. They threw a few hand grenades inside the fuselage and cockpit to complete the destruction.

The photo of WE-18 was published by a Chinese news agency. A VMF-214 pilot was on leave in, I believe it was New York, and saw the picture. He sent me a copy.

I hope this will help. If you have more questions fire away.

Semper Fi,
Floyd Stocks

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