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1st Marine Division's Rear Guard

The Enemy

The Battle of the Ch'ongch'on

Task Force Faith

Chinese Failure at Chosin

Rear Guard

Detail from 1st Bat Seven, 11/29/50

Marine Rear Guard Protects Withdrawal From Yudam-ni

First battalion had just succeeded in overnight fighting which rescued another company which had been surrounded in the initial CCF ambush.

The legendary Col. Chesty Puller, commander of the 1st Marines, made a comment something like this: "We've been searching for the enemy. The problem is now solved. We're surrounded."

1stMarDiv fought its way out of a seemingly hopeless entrapment. Surrounded by about 100,000 Chinese infantry, and under nearly constant assault, the Division carried its wounded and most of its dead over the 35 mile one-lane road by a very simple technique. It captured the next hill ahead, defended the one it was passing, and fought off attacks from the ones behind. These Marines, at the western flank of the division, had to fight them off all the way.

"Retreat, Hell. We're attacking in a different direction."

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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