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The MiG Alley Bounce

The MiGs operated in large formations at 50,000 feet or more, out of Sabre range, and attacked with the "bounce," diving down on Sabre patrols whenever they chose. Our tactical solution was the "jet stream" of 16 Sabres divided into four-aircraft flights, each of which entered the Alley at five-minute intervals and at different altitudes. As soon as one flight was engaged by the MiGs the others converged on the fight. Using a "fluid four" tactical formation, two element leaders each covered by a wingman, although operating at a considerable initial disadvantage the mutually supporting Sabre formations with their generally superior pilots were able to meet the MiG's bounce with a vigorous counter-attack.

The Bounce - Hit & Run The Bounce - Run to the Sun

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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