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Vertical Envelopment

Marines make a different "Amphibious" Landing

First Vertical Envelopment in History

Jamestown Line, 1953

M20 3.5in Rocket Launcher

In the first vertical envelopment in history, a giant HRS-1 Sikorsky helicopter lands Marines in front of the Jamestown Line.

Marine Helicopters were invaluable in Marine operations and support. They provided liaison, reconnaissance, evacuation of wounded, rescue from enemy territory, "observation, messenger service, guard mail at sea, posting and supplying of outguards on dominating terrain features and resupplying of small units by air."

On October 11, 1951 HMR-161 lifted 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines with its equipment in Operation Bumblebee, and continued support for the First Marine Division through the next year. OnFebruary 23, 1953 HMR-161 began Operation Haylift in logistical support of combat Marines.

"Over a four day period, an average of 12 HRS-1's, flew from dawn to dusk carrying a combined total of 31,589 pounds per hour. Each aircraft made 27 round trips of the 15 mile leg and carried 11 tons of supplies. It would have taken a large fleet of trucks to provide this type of support and it would have taken four times as long.

Tank Infantry coordination

The Marine carrying the SCR-300 communication set is already on top of the M26 and the one with the flame thrower is just climbing on board. The five Marine infantrymen are wearing armored vests.

Normally the Marines hiked into staging areas. Here they were being brought in on supporting tanks, and are moving out on a serious assault, not a normal patrol. Most likely this small unit has been called up as reinforcements or for an on-going firefight.

As armor was apparently to be part of the assault, this is an instance where the usual ways of deployment would have been chosen over helicopters.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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