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Operation Rugged

Eighth Army's determined attacks in Operation Killer and Operation Ripper had severely hampered our enemies' attempts to re-group in preparation for resuming their offensive. Sensing this, General Ridgway continued our drive to regain the 38th Parallel and so be in position to pursue a political solution to the conflict by Operation Rugged.


Operation Rugged : April 1-22, 1951
Advance to the 38th Parallel

With Eighth Army now very much in fighting trim, and the CCF and NK forces showing weakness and lack of resolution in meeting our advances, General Ridgway now moved to assault to the 38th parallel, to reach and establish the Kansas-Wyoming Lines mostly just above the 38th Parallel. The Truman administration was making overtures to China for possible Cease-Fire talks, and General MacArthur had months earlier indicated the general area of Kansas-Wyoming as a theoretical cease-fire line in anticipation of Truman's actions. Truman summarily relieved General of the Army MacArthur on April 10, nominally for insubordination because of his public disagreements with Truman's prosecution of the War. Whether or not this dramatic action was justified remains for history to decide, but at the time MacArthur was very much in agreement with Ridgway on the military moves being taken, and the disposition of our forces across Korea in the event cease-fire talks began.

In the event, Ridgway's continuation of the series of counter-attacks did successfully establish Line Kansas, and passed forward beyond it towards Line Wyoming and the so-called "Iron Triangle". Many KW veterans feel that Truman's dismissal of MacArthur was primarily political, with little justification or effect on the progress of the war. One new action General Ridgway did take, though, with which almost all KW vets agreed. On April 16 Ridgway appointed General Hickey Chief of Staff in relief of General Almond.


Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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