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Col. Allan D. MacLean and Lt. Col. Don C. Faith, Jr., 32d Infantry

Col Allan D. MacLean

Col. Allan D. MacLean (left) and Lt. Col. Don C. Faith, Jr., Japan, spring, 1950
          Photograph courtexy of Col. Erwin B. Bigger.

The Battle Of The Chosin Reservoir

Col. Allan D. MacLean commanded the 31st Infantry Regiment. MacLean took command of all units on the East coast of the Chosin Reservoir, thus relieving the 5th Marines which rejoined 1stMarDiv in their drive to cross the Taebecks. He brought with him his own 3d Battalion, his Heavy Mortar Company, his Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon, a detachment of medical personnel, and the 57th Field Artillery Battalion.

Lt.Col. Don C. Faith commanded the 1st Battalion, 32d Infantry. 1st Battalion had the most northern positions which were attacked by the PLA 80th Division, which had come expecting to destroy an entire Marine Regiment. The initial Chinese attacks forced 1st Btn to withdraw and try to join MacLean's main force, after heavy fighting. When Col. MacLean was wounded and captured, Col. Faith took command of all Army units, hence the name Task Force Faith.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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