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Chinese Katyusha BM-13 132 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

The BM-13 multiple rocket launchers can simultaneously drop many hundreds of kilograms of explosive over a wide area, at a range of over 9,000 yards, devastating to unwary infantry. One disadvantage is they take longer to re-load than conventional artillery, and are much less accurate if trying to reduce strong points.

CCF Multi Tube Rockets

CCF BM-13 Multibarreled Rockets, effectively positioned on a forward slope.

They have dug semi-caves behind their deployed position, making them safe from all but a direct hit. As positioned, they can enfillade support roads and staging areas, and can emerge suddenly from their protective holes to rain terror on any approaching skirmisher units. This shows one reason why napalm strikes by ground support aircraft were so feared. It would spread over a wide area, suck the oxygen from the caves, and kill everyone.

By 1953 China had built up her artillery support all along the line until it equalled our own in numbers. The barrages laid down to isolate and overwhelm Combat Outposts under attack near the war's close were frightful, equalling or exceeding anything in World War I

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