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40th Corps attacks at Unsan

The voice of an observer in an L-5 plane directing fire of the 82d Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. howitzers) came in: "This is the strangest sight I have ever seen. There are two large columns of enemy infantry moving southeast over the trails .... our shells are landing right in their columns and they keep coming."

ROK 6th

CCF 40th Corps shatters ROK 6th Division, 10/25/50

The ROK 6th Division's 7th Regiment at Kojang, and 15th Regiment (at Unsan with 8th Cav) were almost totally destroyed, losing all their equipment and weapons. The cunning, savagery and resolution of these first CCF attacks overwhelmed the unsuspecting ROKs.

And yet, there had been plenty of information that the Chinese were coming in force, had even battalion level G-2 paid attention. North Korean civilians not only reported thousands of Chinese on the move, but their mission and points of attack. Where in the world was our Recon? In retrospect, the incompetence of our entire Political, Intelligence and Military leadership was arguably criminal negligence. For that, hundreds of thousands of brave men and innocent civilians would die. And Truman is eulogized as a great Statesman, MacArthur is regarded as a military genius, and I haven't heard that even one of our Leaders was shot.

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