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CCF 9th Army Group attacks Task Force Faith

9th Army Group's 20th army divided and encircled two Marine regiments near the Changjin (Chosin) reservoir. In one of the proudest battles of Marine Corps history, they fought out of the trap, reducing the Chinese divisions to ineffectiveness for the critical time Eighth Army needed to complete its retreat and reform at the 37th parallel.

CCF 79th Division at Chosin

CCF 79th or 80th Division troops in assault on 1st Btn 32nd Infantry Regiment

9th Army Group's 20th army basically ambushed two Marine regiments at Chosin and virtually destroyed 32RCT's Task Force MacLean/Faith. However, the Marines did fight out of the trip and they and the rest of X Corp withdrew safely to Hungnam, where 105,000 fighting men and 90,000 civilians were evacuated by Our Navy.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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