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M19 60mm Mortar

Using the same ammunitions as the M2 60mm mortar, but lighter weight and with greater freedom in addressing elevation and traverse angles, the M19 was also less accurate. It saw moderate action in Vietnam as well as Korea, mainly to deliver smoke screens during the day and illuminate the immediate battlefield at night.

USMC: 60mm Mortar, 1951

FM 23-91: Mortar Gunnery Technical Manual

FM-6-135 (html): Adjustment of Artillery Fire (Forward Observer), 7/57

TM9-3305 (html): Principles of Artillery Weapons

60mm Mortar M19 with M5 mount Hand-held M19 assembled

60mm M19 Mortar -------Hand-held M19

60mm Mortar bipod M2

60mm M19 Mortar Bipod M2

60mm Mortar M19 Barrel Assembly

60mm Mortar M19 Barrel Assembly

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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