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The Cav Moves North

The 5th Cavalry Regiment broke out of the Pusan Perimeter on September 26 and, after several sharp battles, advanced to the 38th parallel, crossed it on October 9, and lead the UN forces in capturing the North Korean capitol of Pyongyang.

5th Cavalry enters Pyongyang

10/19/50, 5th Cavalry Regiment enters Pyongyang.

5th Cavalry broke out of the Pusan Perimeter by crossing the Naktong on September 26, advancing to Sanju and north to Hamchung and south to Osan-dong, and seizing Chongo, Chochiwon and Chouni.

Crossing the Imjin on October 2, the 5th Cavalry then crossed the 38th parallel on October 9.

Lead by the 5th Regiment, the 1st Cavalry Division entered Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea on October 19.

70th Tank Battalion
70th Tank Battalion

By October 25 the North Korean Army had been nearly destroyed when the veteran Chinese guerilla armies made their first probing attack on advancing 8th Army units. The previous year (1949), China's resolute Guerilla Armies had won one of the most decisive battles in all History, at Huai-Hai, trapping and annihilating a 500,000 man regular army without control of the air or even artillery equality. For some incredible reason, our Generals like Almond dismissed these brave, resourceful veterans as "laundry-men." The facts were quite otherwise.

With China's sledgehammer entry, the war took a terrible new turn, with battles raging down and up and down and up again for almost a year, and then dragging on to static Trench Warfare and finally a Cease-Fire on July 27, 1953. Entering the third millennium, that is still the situation. Today, watching our indecisive stand-down from the Middle East, without any clear idea of who our friends are, if indeed we have any, I wonder how much our present "Leaders" have learned from history.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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