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3rd Division, last troops evacuating Hungnam

The Enemy

The Battle of the Ch'ongch'on

Task Force Faith

Chinese Failure at Chosin

These troops were the rear guard while our surviving Marines, the rest of X Corps, and about 100,000 Civilian refugees were evacuated. As their grins may tell you, under the protection of our powerful Naval and Air attack forces it was their turn.

3rd Division, last troops evacuating Hungnam

Hungnam, 12/24/50

3rd Infantry Division --- Last Troops Evacuated

Withdrawal sequence from Hungnam:

December 15, 1st Marine Division withdrew from Hungnam, while the 3rd Infantry Division provided a defensive covering force against increasing CPVA attacks. In the west, the Eighth Army established a defense line along the Imjin River north of Seoul.

December 17, Republic of Korea (ROK) I Corps and U.S. X Corps (headquarters) departed Hungnam.

December 20 The last of the 7th Infantry Division troops embarked, leaving only 3rd Infantry Division to hold the reduced perimeter. U.N. Command imposes press censorship on all allied journalists in Korea.

December 21. U.S. 7th Infantry Division, including Task Force Faith survivors, sailed from Hungnam.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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