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The Foundation of Freedom is the Courage of Ordinary People

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A Human Bump on a Bloody Road

Outnumbered, with no reserves to contain and outflank direct attacks, under assault by veterans skilled and dedicated to destruction by maneuver, these few infantrymen face inevitable catastrophe.


19th Infantry Regiment defend a dike along the Kum near Taepyong-ni, 7/14/50

The Kum River battle was a disaster.

Just one month earlier this soldier was enjoying all the joys of Occupation Duty in Japan, never dreaming that this day would ever come.

But it did.

At this moment he and his regiment were in a most grim situation, facing heavy fighting, their flank soon to be exposed, and the enemy already moving behind them in force.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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The Foundations of Freedom are the Courage of Ordinary People and Quality of our Arms

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