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Boot Camp to Eagles, Wars to Sail - - - The Rocks & Shoals

R. E. Sullivan, Colonel, USMC ('43/'67) (Ret.)

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  • Premature Invitation to a dance: Hsin Ho

    • Did you ever read WEB Griffith's USMC series? Remember the kid who shot hell out of a bunch of Japanese "bandits" on a USMC supply detachment? Truth is stranger than fiction. This action took place in China, before the Korean War. A precursor of things to come.

  • The Ball Begins: 2nd Platoon, E/2/5, 1st Mar Div at Pusan

    • The first Marine Division that first fought in the Korean War were some of the finest men who ever wore the uniform of the United States Marine Corps.

  • Chindong-ni: D/2/5 and the cost of leadership

    • The NKA were expert fighting men. Attacking them, D Company went from strong leadership to no leadership in a matter of a few minutes. The officers and NCOs were not decimated, they were eliminated.

  • Postoak: Facing the enemy, prone, in firing position ... ?

    • You see the strangest things, in hospitals. Postoak had the most unusual wound I ever saw.

  • Jim Johnson, USMC: The citation reads ...

    • Those of us who knew Jim Johnson well, as Paul Harvey says, can tell the rest of the story.

  • ...


  • Depth Charging: APD 125, Wantuck at Kodiak

    • Whether it was a real Russian midget sub, or a gremlin, or whatever, the Navy didn't fool around when it had unknown underwater targets in sensitive harbors.

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Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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