Imjin Bathing

Bathing in the Imjin River was fine ... when it was warm enough, flowing enough, free of decomposing bodies or not in flood. During the periods when bathing was not in order, the shower units pumped and provided a great hot shower and soap for we grotty diggers. I've seen photos of our friends in the opposite trenches doing their bathing in giant communal tubs ... in the caves they had dug to back up their main lines. As with we diggers, they seemed cheerful enough for the change.

 ... and bring on your damn fish !!

March to the river
Never did anything the easy way, Sixa

Imjin River section
Bathing area

 So, Coney Island it isn't, but it's all ours
 We like to keep the sheilas in suspense

Ready for a good massage

Gentleman Bather

 So what's Charles Atlas got one me ?
 If I'm having so much fun, why does my face look 40 years old?

Life of ease

Assemble on me
Frolic at the beach

 Life was only really, really, really bad at times ...
 A good day.

Getting ready
The party's over

Back to work
A digger's holiday

 Shank's mare and tools ready for use ...

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