UP IN THE AIR! Norman Crawford of
Camp 4 going for distance in broad jump.He captured second place.

Henry L. Nielsen stretching for clearance.

Paul P. Carvalho (American) shows
good form in this high jump attempt.

Track and Field Stars
Edward Hewlett & Clarence B. Covington
With the end of the track and field competition, much has been quoted
by track and field stars on the ability of the winners. Camp 4's best track and field star, Norman Crawford, hailing from Columbus, Georgia, one of our foremost and most versatile men who has been active at the game since 1936 has decided to hang up his track shoes and "retire".He stated "Things aren't what they used to be". The old man, at 29 years old, has the heart and effort, and would like to continue and give the youngsters a run, but in track it's the legs that count and the drive of old in his legs has left, so he will take a seat on the sideline in the future. But anyway Camp 4 team mates said three cheers for Crawford till the next Athletic Meet he encounters when, as we all know, he will be there warming up.Giving you an idea of his prowess, his best time for the 100-meterdash was 9.8 seconds, only 0,4 seconds short of the world's record. In 1949 for this event, he was All-Army, All-Air Force and All-Service champion. In the running broad jump, Crawford's best mark stands at 23 feet 8 inches, a mere 2-1/2 feet short of another world record. He isalso a carrier of the pigskin, alternating between Left-Half and QuarterBack. He has been elected as Captain of the football squad.Many will remember that last year Crawford was hailed as one of the most outstanding athletes of the camp. This time, Crawford roudly won the individual 2nd place, of the meet, for high points. To obtain this honor, he placed first in the sack race. He placed 2nd in the swift moving. lOO meter dash, 3rd in the soaring and thrilling running broad jump, and he was one of the quartet that composed the 800 meter relay team, which placed second. Also he was coach and quarter back of the camp's invincible football team, which has never b!:!en scored upon. but due to injuries forfeited the last game"and was awarded 2nd place.

November 20, 1952. Olympic Roundup


(L. to R.) R. S.Parker, James R.Witt.
(A participant in this event), Referee
Robert B. Cope
land, John E.
Ford, D o n a 1 d
Lucas and Rich-
ard A. Peterson
(reporters) a r e
watching the pole-
vaulter carefully
as he goes over
the bar.

George J. R. Taylor from GreatBritain looking on as judges Robert B. Copeland and Thomas L. Dawson (kneeling) take the measurement on his jump.


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