Correspondent J ohn E. Ford
We of Camp 2 found shortly after arriving at the meet here that the KoreanP.O.W.'s are really fine sportsmen,
win or lose. Actually we, like many others,had overlooked them as a possible threat to us in any event. However
we had figured all wrong because they surprised everyone when Hi Shang Kun breezed past J ennings at the start
and kept the lead in the 3,000 meter run, setting a good time of 10.33 to win the event.

I talked with Hi Shang Kun veteran runner and the winner of the 3,000 meter race, He seemed proud that he had
brought home the bacon for his camp. He had a good right to be proud for the pace he set would be hard for
anyone to follow.

As a whole the Koreans outshone everyone in the 400 meter sprint by sending five men to the semi-finals.
During all these events the little cheerleader Ko Su Wang kept the group of spectators amused with his clever
be-bop dances. At noon time the Korean entertainer paraded the entire field in strange costumes while playing
ancient Korean musi

Immediately after the pole vault was finished the Koreans took the spotlight again by performing many interesting
tricks on the horizontal bar. Hand stands, body flips, and shoulder spins were only a few of the different types of
tricks shown by them. Everyone I talked to thought that the Korean team was definitely the best when it came to

Proper courtesy was shown by the Korean athletes at all times and never was there any argument put forth by
their athletes, although sometimes they lost by only a hair. They deserve a lot of praise for their spirit and
sportsmanship shown so far in the Athetic Meet.

November 17, 1952 Olympic Roundup

Double Crown For Miller

Correspondents Eric Fawcett &
William H. Smith


Honours went to Delmar G. Miller, for his outstanding performances in the hurdles final and the pole-vault
of 14.5 seconds. Within five minutes Miller returned to the pole-vault and made the qualifying jump which
placed him back in the running and which led to his taking of this crown with a jump of 9'99". Jones was a
worthy second but try as he did he could not quite make Miller's height

November 18, 1952 Olympic Roundup

Turkish P.O.W. spectators getting a thrill


YEAH TEAM! View of cheering crowd


HERE SHE GOES! John P. Paulina of
camp 1 trying for first place in shortput. But
he failed this Time.

CLEARED ONE ANYWAY! Here Harold W.Daviis Patrick Ryan and Keneth Williams are seen clearing
the first row of hurdles in a
preliminary heat

G. Miller all-Round champion athlete, proudly hoisted after a hardwon victory
by Jacque W. Beaupre (centre) and
helped along by Lawrence P. Dahms and Glen D. Ham


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