It was Willie p. Clinton all the way in the 200 meter race.
First in the preliminaries, in his heat, he looked like a champion
and in the semi-final he seemed to have wings. And guess what?
He had just run the 800 meter relay only 15 minutes earlier, and
gave his camp the margin that won 2nd place. And 15 minutes
later he flew, yes, he flew, in the finals of the 200 meter and again
was way out front to win in the unbelievable time of 27 seconds.
Clinton's a champ all the way, not only because he won his
race, but because his track career began only after becoming a
P.0.W. In fact, this is his second time running. Who .can tell

how much speed he will produce after perfecting his form in the
future! Watch this champion!!!
Clinton, in bringing victory to his camp, raised the points of
his camp to the top, bettered only by Camp 5. He stated, "My
only regret is that I am not playing football so I could help add
to another victory, but our camp football team is so good that,
as well as I play the game, I couldn't qualify".

Olympic Roundup........Edward Hewlett
November 19, 1952 Correspondent

Every one of these 5 sprinters looks determined to win

STEPPING FAST! It's George Green of Birmingham closely
followed by George Newhouse of Gloucester, in this 1,500
meter walking race. Green, the winner and champion, was
clocked at 8 minutes 46 seconds. Dudley second place, 8
minutes 50 seconds, and May who finished in third place
was clocked at 9 minutes 10 seconds. Congratulations Champ
and runners-up!

SACK FULL OF TROUBLE! The Gunny sack race! (L to R) are
Waldron Berry, Carl D. Peterson, Chun Re Sin, Jesse Bellamy,
John W. Thorton and Lonnie J. Kelly

A scene in the thrilling rely race
that Camp 5 won by a hair!

THE NEW CHAMP BREAKING THE TAPE. To the surprise of all,
John L. Thomas finished in the amazing time of 10.6 seconds in the
100 meter dash, quite a distance in front of Crawford, who came in
second at 11.6 seconds. ALLEN showed for third place at 11.9 seconds

IN THE SHADE! Norman Crawford (AMERICAN), the sack race winner
and pal George E.Green (British), the 1,500 meter walking race winner,
trying out their new colorful sunshades, part of their prize winning awards

THEY'RE RELAY CHAMPS. (L. to R.) Britisher Kenneth Williams
and Americans John L.Thomas, Billy A.Brown and William
M. Allen did some good running to bring 1st place in the 800
meter relay race

HURRAH FOR TONY! These young Americans and Britishers of
camp1 show their appreecation and pride in Anthony Paul Eagles
Double crown winner (see "400m Brings Eagles Double Crown,")

GOOD SPORTS! Here we have victorious Willian C.McTaggart Jr. being
carted over to the cheers by Brady H.Drake Norman crawford and Charles
D. Bowens in a show of good sportmanship. Leading the cheering is Steve
Katsaros in Foreground.

TRIBUTE TO ENDURANCE! Victors in the 3,000 meter run! proudly
carried by spectators are Nan Sang Ok, Ri Sang Kum, Kim Du dong
and Kim Sung Jun (all Korean P.O.W.s) Wearing the striped shirt
and leading the procession is Ko Su Wan.

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