An exciting moment in this keen game of vollyball in which camp 2 beat camp 3 by 15 to 8

Richard A. Peterson

The next game was the volleyball finals which saw the spunky
SB team and the Camp 2 six tangle for the championship. Everyone expected this to be the game of games as the two powerhouses of volleyball clashed. Surprisingly Camp 2 piled up ten points before 5B managed. to score as the Camp 2 stalwarts played beautiful defensive ball, spiking 5B's big gun, Howard T. Tates.
5B started clicking finally but it was too late as the camp 2
boys clamped the lead on scoring three quick goals to wind the set up 15 to 7. The next set however saw a real battle as the 5B team found themselves and displayed nice team work. The Camp Z sextet kept cool, were not ruffled by the slamming and spiking of the 5B team even though Tates managed to slip through

tight defense. It was touch and go all the way with the score being tied several times. Finally with the score tied at 13 to 13, the Camp 2 team grabbed the serve away from 5B and slipped in two quick points to snatch the out of the grasp of 5B and take the match in two straight sets, the final set being 15 to 13.
Camp 2 went thru the whole tournament displaying the same cool efficiency and beautiful defense. They really played beautiful volleyball.

November 20, 1952 Olympic Roundup

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