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About John Kerry

Kerry's Voting Record on Defense

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Kerry has voted for at least SEVEN major reductions in Defense and Military spending necessary for our national security:

1) In 1996 - Introduced Bill to slash Defense Department Funding by $6.5 Billion.

2) In 1995 - Voted to freeze Defense spending for 7 years, slashing over $34 billion from Defense.

3) Fiscal 1996 Budget Resolution - Defense Freeze. "Harkin, D-Iowa, amendment to freeze defense spending for the next seven years and transfer the $34.8 billion in savings to education and job training."

4) In 1993 - Introduced plan to cut numerous Defense programs, including:

  • Cut the number of Navy submarines and their crews
  • Reduce the number of light infantry units in the Army down to one
  • Reduce tactical fighter wings in the Air Force
  • Terminate the Navy's coastal mine-hunting ship program
  • Force the retirement of no less than 60,000 members of the Armed Forces in one year.

5) Has voted repeatedly to cut Defense spending, including:

  • In 1993, voted against increased Defense spending for Military Pay Raise. Kerry voted to kill an increase in military pay over five years.
  • In 1992, voted to cut $6 billion from Defense.
  • In 1991, voted to slash over $3 Billion from Defense. Shift money to social programs.
  • In 1991, voted to cut defense spending by 2%
  • Voted repeatedly to cut or eliminate funding for B-2 Stealth Bomber
  • Voted repeatedly against Missile Defense - Weapons Kerry sought to phase out were VITAL in Iraq. "[K]erry supported cancellation of a host of weapons systems that have become the basis of US military might-the high-tech munitions and delivery systems on display to the world as they leveled the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein in a matter of weeks." (Brian C. Mooney, "Taking One Prize, Then A Bigger One," The Boston Globe, 6/19/03)

  • Military hardware he felt we no longer need:

  • F-16 Fighting Falcons.
  • B-1Bs B-2As F-15 And F-16s
  • M1 Abrams
  • Patriot Missile
  • AH-64 Apache Helicopter
  • Tomahawk Cruise Missile
  • Aegis Air-Defense Cruiser

  • These weapons are now the core of our military might.

6) During 1980s Kerry And Michael Dukakis joined forces with liberal group dedicated to slashing Defense. Kerry sat on the board of "Jobs With Peace Campaign," which sought to "develop public support for cutting the defense budget..."("Pentagon Demonstrators Call For Home-Building, Not Bombs," The Associated Press, 6/3/88)

7) While running for Congress in 1972, Kerry promised to cut Defense Spending. "On what he'll do if he's elected to Congress," Kerry said he would 'bring a different kind of message to the president." He said he would, "Vote against military appropriations." ("Candidate's For Congress Capture Campus In Andover," Lawrence [MA] Eagle-Tribune, 4/21/72)

"So you can look at all the potential threats of the world, and when you add the expenditures of all of our allies to the United States of America, you have to stop and say to yourself, 'What is it that we are really preparing for in a post-cold-war world?'"
(Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 5/15/96, p. S5061)


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