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Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry makes it easy to label him as a flip-flopping political opportunist whose claims are suspect.

Kerry's claims of support from foreign leaders and his on-again, off-again stance on military base closures are the latest missteps to dog the candidate.

The Massachusetts senator has roared about the beating U.S. foreign policy and stature have taken in the international community due to the invasion of Iraq.

In that vein, Kerry claimed during a fund-raiser to have met with foreign leaders who support his campaign to oust the man he says is responsible, President Bush.

Kerry hasn't traveled outside the United States since stepping into the spotlight of a candidacy for the Democratic nomination in December 2002

When and where did these meetings take place? Who were the foreign leaders encouraging his candidacy? The would-be president declines to say.

In September 2001, the senator from Massachusetts voted in favor of a fifth round of the "BRAC" process -- military base realignments and closings. But last week Kerry, who frequently rails at the Bush administration budget deficits, said the base closing commission should suspend its work.

Kerry now claims there's a "disconnect" between the goals of base closures and demands the United States currently places on its military forces.

The only factor that's changed since 2001 is Kerry's candidacy and the need to connect with voters in the military-dependent communities.

Once again, mercurial positions raise the question:

What does Kerry believe, and when did he believe it?


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