Bomber Runs
May 1953


While I was with "D" Company behind the other 3 companies, we did the night patrols in the night and digging parties during the day.

Panther jet
Before night patrol time was supposed to be spent sleeping and resting, however as I have always been an "Aviation Buff' as soon as someone yelled "it's a raid", I would tear out of my bunker to watch the show. It would be approximately 2 miles to the north; close enough to use my camera. Four of these photos turned out very well. I witnessed 3 of these bombings while I was in the front line, a period of 3 1/2 weeks.

North American AT-6 "Texans" (commonly called Mosquitos) would drop orange markers on the Chinese held hill, 227 (known as "John"). After dropping the markers the "Texans" (Havards) would climb up at full power and we would hear the machine guns firing at them. About 2 minutes later Grumman "Panther" jets, would drop their bombs on 227 following each other in. There were no machine guns firing at them this time, as I guess the Chinese were running to deep inside their underground bunkers.

They knew what was coming!

Smoke Run
Ernie R. Holden

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