2dLt R. E. Sullivan in the Masan Area with Marines of D/2/5
Moving Up toward Chindong-ni

With the backdrop of a flatcar of M26 Pershing Heavy Tanks, Lt. Sullivan and D/2/5 1stMarBrigademove toward the Brigade's savage battles with the veteran PLA 6th and 4th Divisions in the Naktong Bulge region of the Pusan Perimeter.

Within a few days, Lt. Sullivan would be seriously wounded while knocking out a PLA Maxim Heavy Machine Gun, with a 3.5in bazooka.

Rejoining his company when "the scabs got hard", Lt. Sullivan would be wounded twice more: during the Perimeter battles, the invasion at Inchon, the fighting around Seoul, and the epic fight-out from Yudam-ni at the Chosin Reservoir.

Taken from copies of Time, All Hands and email correspondence. Korean War

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