The Hook !!

The Division's total front line extended about 18000 yards, with different Regiments defending the same areas at different times, along with other UN forces. The US 2nd Infantry Divisions and 1st Marine Divisions were probably the most prominent, and took part in savage fighting throughout the area. One of the most bitterly contested battlegrounds was called 'The Hook'.

The Hook was part of an east-west ridge four miles northwest of the confluence of the Samichon and Imjin Rivers. Some of the most savage hand-to-hand fighting there was by the Black Watch 1st Battalion in November of 1952, and the French Battalion and 2nd ID units in March of 1953. The Marines fought several bitter actions around the Hook as well, and about a mile southwest in attacks on Chinese-held Hill Detroit. RAR did its share.

The distance from the enemy along our general divisional front differed widely in many places. The Hook saw our troops actually sharing the same feature as the Chinese, only some 300 yards apart. So close to the enemy, day-to-day living conditions were very tenuous.

Enfilade, defilade, night and day
Snowy and Robbie
Sun bathing on the reverse slope

Dry spell
During the typhoon season

Could have been at a resort ...

Teatime on the Hook ...


LMG Training
Serious? Wouldn't you be?

Yo Ron, I think that's Company HQ  ...
Don't know where I put the stein.

Yeh, that'll work

Wasn't raining.

Master builders, we were.
Half Starved, but happy

One of ours

Coll Sphers

My buddy, another old-young face
Keeping water from the dugouts was a life-or-death activity

The Rains Came
Often and heavily.

Little comforts, '53
Hurry up with that beer!

A bottle a day keeps the blues away
Proving solid earth is only dry mud

Bunker collapsing, '53
Too much rain.

Prefabricated Bunkers
By '53, a touch of style.

The down side, it looked like they planned to keep us here a while ...
No worries, just thinking

The Thinker, July '53
As ever, with a smoke.

Stone age men, '53
Home is what you make it

A good roof takes care, in the line
Snowy soldiers on

Soldiering on


Relaxing with style
2200 hrs
27th July, 1953

Handguns broken down - but Blinky still there to protect us if the fighting starts again
Shooting Stops
Blinky Smith
Lt. Alec Weaver
Cpl. Ron Cashman

There _Will_ be a tomorrow

(And will I have a headache!)
Empty Revolvers

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