Taking a break. Sniper hunt 53.

Sniper hunt 53. Taking a break.

Sniper hunt

Now and then we would need to clear the rear areas of guerillas and/or snipers, they made life uncomfortable for drivers and such. Hell of a job as they were impossible to locate, too many mountains and too much scrub for them to hide in. Sometimes they booby-trapped the area and the searchers could end up being a casualty.

I personally never found one myself, lost a lot of sweat trying though.

Note my slouch hat compared to the one at right which still has a Puggaree on it (the light coloured band). This hat served me from 1951 until I went home in September 1953. I am told that we carried .303 rifles on these hunts as any targets were usually long range and running. Note the two KATCOMs beside me, wearing berets. Sometimes the favoured ones got to wear a slouch hat.

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