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List of Abbreviations
Abn       AirborneACofS     Assistant Chief of StaffADCOM     Advance Command and Liaison GroupAdmin     AdministrationAFFE      Army Forces Far EastAGO       Office of The Adjutant GeneralAMIK      American Mission in KoreaAsst      AssistantATIS      Allied Translator and Interpreter SectionCCF       Chinese Communist ForcesCG        Commanding generalCINCFE    Commander in Chief, Far East CommandCINCUNC   Commander in Chief, United Nations CommandComd      CommandCOMNAVFE  Commander, Naval Forces, Far EastDF        Disposition formDIS       Daily Intelligence SummaryDiv       DivisionECA       Economic Co-operation AdministrationERC       Enlisted Reserve CorpsEUSAK     Eighth U.S. Army in KoreaFEAF      Far East Air ForcesFEC       Far East CommandFMFPAC    Fleet Marine Force, PacificG-1       Personnel section of divisional or higher staffG-2       Intelligence section of divisional or higher staffG-3       Operations and training section of divisional or higher staffG-4       Logistics section of divisional or higher staffGO        General orderInterv    InterviewJANIS     Joint Army-Navy Intelligence ServiceJCS       Joint Chiefs of Staff

JIC       Joint Intelligence CommitteeJLC       Japan Logistical CommandJnl       JournalJSPOG     Joint Strategic Plans and Operations GroupJSSC      Joint Strategic Survey CommitteeKMAG      United States Military Advisory Group to the Republic of           KoreaLST       Landing ship, tankLtr       LetterMARBO     Marianas-Bonins CommandMDAP      Mutual Defense Assistance ProgramMemo      MemorandumMOS       Military occupational specialityMS        ManuscriptMsg       MessageMFR       Memorandum for recordMono      MonographNATO      North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNAVFE     Naval Forces, Far EastNKA       North Korean ArmyNPRJ      National Police Reserve of JapanNSC       National Security CouncilOCAFF     Office, Chief of Army Field ForcesOCMH      Office, Chief of Military HistoryOpn       OperationORC       Organized Reserve CorpsOSA       Office of the Secretary of the ArmyOSI       Office of Strategic IntelligencePHILCOM   Philippines CommandPMAG      Provisional Military Advisory GroupRad       RadioRCT       Regimental combat teamROK       Republic of KoreaRpt       ReportRYCOM     Ryukyus CommandSANACC    State-Army-Navy-Air Force Co-ordinating CommitteeSCAP      Supreme Commander, Allied PowersSgd       SignedSGS       Secretary of the General StaffT/O       Table of OrganizationTO & E    Table of Organization and EquipmentTelecon   TeleconferenceTng       Training

UNC       United Nations CommandUNCOK     United Nations Commission in KoreaUNCURK    United Nations Commission for the Unification          and Rehabilitation of KoreaUSAFIK    United States Army Forces in KoreaUSAMGIK   United States Army Military Government in KoreaUSMILAT   U.S. Military Attach├ęZI        Zone of Interior

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