It is a great honer for me to introduse you to this
slendid book. Here, told in pictures, is the story of the
greatest spectacle of our stay here in North Korea,the Inter-
Camp Olympics of 1952. Each page servers as a guide that
shall enable you to relive all the spine-tilling excitment
of that truly marvelous athletic meet.

From the very moment the opening cerimonies began on
November 15 until the closing of the meet on November 26
we witnessed splendid performances, thrills galore, great
enthusiasm, sincere and wholhearted sportmanship, and
perfect goodwill among the many nationalities represented

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to
attend, here is striking proof of the wonderfull success
achieved at the Olpmpics. But I would like to add a few
words concerning the people who woked so tirelessly to
accomplish this success. Ther were cheer leaders, judges
referees, correspondents, photographers,entertainers stand-
ard bearers and many other men who enthusiatically carried
out their duties, without fanfare, to keep everything running
smoothly. every man who worked on behalf of the meet
deserves a word of praise.

Another very impotant factor in making this an
unforgetable occasion was the attidude of the Korean
People's Army and the Chinese People's Volunteers.
Without their efforts such a tremendous undertaking

could not have been possible, At all times the coopera-
tion, generosity, enthusiasm,and selfless energy displayed
by our captors was perfect and left absolutely nothing
to be desired. The lenient treatment policy has long
ago passes its title of lenient, it has instead become
a brotherly love treatment for every one of us. The

materials provided for the athletic meet, plus the grand array
of expensive prizes and awards,were more than sufficent
to prove the cincerity of the camp authorities of the Korean
Peoples Army and the Chinese Peoples Volunteers in
ensuring success of our first Inter-Camp Olympics

This book symbolizes the real will of all humanity to
live in a spirt of brotherhood, in a world peace, free from
fear, hatred, malace or antagonism. Here you can see vividly
the harmonious atmosphere that pronailed at all times among
men of various nationalities, races, creeds and colours.

Yes the inter-Camp Olypics of 1952 were a grand
succes, as this book will testify, and proved valuable as a
teacher of fair-mindedness, good sportmsnship and brother-
hood. So in years to come, wheniver you pick up this book,
you shall not be able to suppres the surge of mingled
emotions that possesses you. for here you have something
woth more than money can buy. In this book you have a
real souvenir of memories. This is a treasure that time
shall not destroy; this is your link to the past; your key to
the finest spectacle in your P.O.W. history

Yours Sincerly,
George R. Allen


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