B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

Korea c. 1951. Troops struggle through the snow as the Korean winter fades to a freezing, slushy end.
(AWM HOBJ2070)

DAVIE, Donald Breyard, Lance Corporal (Temporary Corporal) (4/158),
3rdBattalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1951

During operations on 23/24 April 1951, Corporal Davie commanded 1 Section of 4 Platoon. On the afternoon of 24 April 1951, 4 Platoon was ordered to attack a position on which the enemy was dug in. Corporal Davie's section was the right forward section during this attack. While forming up Corporal Davie observed a party of enemy soldiers run from their position in an endeavour to outflank 4 Platoon. He immediately moved his section to a new position from which they destroyed the entire enemy party. The attack then proceeded with Corporal Davie's section tasked to clear the enemy defences on the right. As he advanced, his section came under fire from a knoll beyond his objective, and under intense light machine-gun, submachine-gun, rifle and grenade fire from his objective. Corporal Davie detailed a man to engage the knoll and led the remainder of his section with fixed bayonets in an assault on his objective. His attack gained and cleared the first line of defences with only three casualties to his section. The section then came under heavy machine- gun fire from trenches further to the rear, but Corporal Davie pressed the attack with his remaining men and completely cleared his objective, accounting for thirty-one


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