Christmas Eve at the Sharp End
Harold Silver - "Snow", 1st Battalion, RAR, Korea 1952


It's just after last light, listening post is out, everybody is hoping for a quiet night. Thinking about home, wives, children, girifriends, what are they doing now? Thankfully the night passes uneventful. At first light I'm observing no mans land, hang about, 'what's all that gear draped on the front* wire?' I sneak down and have a shooftee. Little red plastic string bags with goodies in. Father Christmas has been, by way of the gooks**. Best be careful they may be booby traps! On close inspection all is well and I lift a few off They contain a couple of sweets of dubious content (throw them away) a couple of cigarettes that taste like dry tea leaves and chaff, a Christmas card and a safe conduct pass. The boss-man was not impressed with the event, and I believe threatened severe punishment should it happen again.***

* Mine-field wire
** Chinese enemy
*** The enemy sneaking up close in the night and our troops not seeing them.

Walking the Plank

Harold Silver, 1st RAR, Korea, Christmas morning, 25th December, 1952

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