On the trip to Japan, we had an overnight stopover at Guam. During the night I went back to our plane to get some thing that I had left behind. A Marine Guard stopped me and said that no one was allowed on the plane.

While I was talking to the Guard there was a B29 warming up on the strip. I asked the Guard was he going on a mission, and he told me, no, but that one the B29's had gone into the sea off the end of the strip. The pilot of the plane had a doll, that he took with him all the time. When the plane went into the sea, they retrieved the doll and the carpenter had made a box for it. The B29 was taking it back to Omaha, Nebraska in the United States to give it to the pilot's family.

Courtesy of R.C. Evans ~ October 1997

B29's on Guam
Boeing B29 "Superfortress" Squadron on Guam

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