This post card was given to me while on board VH-EBN, "New Guinea Trader," on the way to Japan with my other Army mates on Friday, 5th December, 1952.

Douglas DC-4 "Skymaster" (C-54), introduced to Qantas in 1949. This aircraft carried 44 passengers in comfort on overseas rutes.

Australian troops for Korea were taken to Iwakuni, Japan via Port Moresby and Guam, flying at 200 mpg (322(kph). Powered by four Pratt & Whitney R-2000 engines, 14 cylinder and 1450 HP each.

DC-4 'Skymaster'
DC-4 "Skymaster"

The L-749 Constellation carried troops for the Korean War to Japan via Darwin, Manila and Hong Kong. This aircraft started service with Qantas in 1947, carrying up to 70 passengers. The larger, faster "Super Constellation" was not introduced to Qantas till 1954.

DC-4 'Skymaster'
Lockheed "Constellation"

My favourite aircraft, a Douglas D.C.-4 "Skymaster" one of six in the Qantas fleet at the time.

A DC-4 "Skymaster" (C-54G) 45-518 at Seoul's K-14 Kimpo airport, was the first casualty of the Korean War when North Korean Yakovlev "Yak" 9s strafed it and set it on fire on 25th June, 1950.

DC-4 'Skymaster'
DC-4 "Skymaster"

Click image for sketch of Air Routes

Air Routes to Iwakuni

Click image for sketch of interior Sketch of DC-4 interior

Click image for 3-view sketches DC-4 3-view sketch

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