After my return visits to Korea, I have told my other Korean Veterans that my goal is to return yet again in the year 2000. This will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Some veterans have remarked "I won't be around then"! I remind them that the Veterans of the First World War have gone back to France for their 75th Anniversary to view grave-sites and pay their respects. At the time they were about 95 years old. Even further, I tell them of my dream to travel to Korea in the year 2028 for our 75h Anniversary of the truce between North and South Korea. Hopefully by the time of my return, the two divided countries will be re-united, and this so-called "Forgotten War" will just be another chapter in Korean history.

2028 is actually the year that scientists have predicted that an asteroid, approximately two kilometres wide, will come close to earth perhaps even striking it. It is estimated that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid striking earth millions of years ago, one which was about the same size as the one predicted in 2028! Returning to Korea may be the last thing that I ever do!


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