February 22, 1953


On Sunday afternoon the 22d February, four of us felt "adventurous" and decided to go to a "House of ill-fame" in Kure. I was with Jack, Frank and another pommy friend. We were invited by four Japanese girls to play the card game "Strip Jack Naked". Who ever lost a round of cards took off a part of their clothing till someone stood in their 'birthday suit'.

I was unfortunate enough to be the one who kept losing, but I had an ace trick up my sleeve. Every time I lost I would take something out of my pockets. I always carried stacks of things in my pockets. I was down to my underpants and the Japanese girl (who was my partner) was down to her singlet and scanties. The next game was played, and everyone was laughing at me, - knowing I would loose, I think they had actually rigged the game. The cards were dealt and it was the girl who lost. She refused to remove any more clothing. Luckily for me this meant that the game was at an end and we redressed. For a few hours the girl who had played the card game with me got some money off me to buy a packet of cigarettes. Hours later I went to "Kure House" at Kure for tea, then back to the Hiro camp for the night.

What a surprising afternoon!

Win some Lose some

'Joss House' - A Japanese brothel

Ernie R. Holden.

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