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KOREAN WAR: 25TH JUNE, 1950 - 27TH JULY, 195

Honour Role of Australian Dead

This book is dedicated to

  • 339 dead including 44 men missing (Army, Navy and Air Force)
  • 281 Mortal remains in the United Nations Cemetery, Pusan, South Korea
  • The names of 44 men missing on the "Memorial to the Missing'
  1. 3/3601 Sergeant Keith Foran
    Killed in Minefield, 21 at May, 1953
    Aged 22
    Killed when he went ahead to help Ron Rackley

  2. 1/400292 Private Ronald Charles Rackley
    Killed in Minefield, 21st May, 1953
    Aged 23

  3. 2/401340 Private Peter Webb
    Killed by Mortar Bomb, 26th may, 1953
    Aged 29

  4. 3/3628 Corporal Albert J. Wells
    Killed by Star Shell
    24th July, 1953
    Aged 22

  5. 2/401213 Private R.J. McCoy (Ronald James??)
    Killed by Star Shell or Mortar Bomb, 26th July, 1953
    Aged 20
    From Norfolk island - descendant of the mutineers
    Killed 24 hours before truce was signed.

  6. 3/3706 Corporal John Berkley Ashe
    Missing in Action, 28th May, 1953
    Aged approximately 22

    He was critically wounded in a minefield while on a three man patrol. Attacked by approximately 60 communist Chinese soldiers - He stayed in the minefield so the enemy would not capture the radio transmitter. Enemy probably took him away to their side.
    Jack-Ashe is still missing to this day.

Ex. 2/401375 Private E-R. Holden
10 Platoon, "DI' Company, 2nd Battalion
The Royal Australian Regiment,
Korea 1953

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