Morning tea at Hiro, Japan

Morning tea at Hiro, Japan, early 1953
Left; Ernie Holden; Centre; Brian O'Reilly. Right; Bill Cook

Before we went out on leave to go to either Hiro or Kure, we were given our leave pass at the main gate.

Inside there, the officer had a book for soldiers to sign if they required to pick up "French Letters" (condoms now). Having never needed these myself I had never looked at the book, however one time before I went out on leave I happened to take a glance and noticed my name written and signed the day before. Curious, I went back through the pages and found my name and supposed signature was in the book almost every day for days and days. It turns out my 'mates' had been putting my name in the book instead of their own.

Kure Leave
Funny thing was, I never did get any myself !.

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