In Reserve

Line companies were regularly rotated back into reserve. In reserve, troops re-fitted their gear, integrated replacements, underwent training, went on endless work parties to improve the defenses and roads, and relaxed their nerves as best as possible. Since we had total control of the air, this did indeed help ease tense nerves somewhat and allow the diggers to work themselves back into fighting shape ... for their next tour in the line.

 I really don't know how they did it

With the locals


 You reckon he was looking for snakes  ?
 Woddaya mean, of course I won't trip ...

Easing the tension
One of us, anyway

5 Star Resort
Always some activity to keep you entertained

 Yeh, but where's the room maids ?
There's still greenery about, so must be in the rear

Off the line, June 52.
Still look tense

6 Platoon bandits at "rest".
Athletic equipment provided

Keeping busy in the 'Rest' area
 I knew there was a catch to this Resort trip

Smoko break
Work Party

Ready to go back
Well perhaps

 Back to the line for a little peace and quiet ...

Rest & Relaxation

All work and no play makes for very dull and bitchy lads. Thus we had R & R. After completing 4 months service we were entitled to 5 glorious days in Japan, all going well.

R&R, after four months on the line
Feb, '52. Well we must make a good impression on the locals.

Nothing like a nice shiny pair of boots to catch the ladies' eyes. Blimey I was still wet behind the ears in those days.

R&R, after four months on the line

'52. After 8 months frolicking in the queer country we were entitled to 3 weeks ... in heaven.

This was better, you could sleep the first week away, then watch out Ginza and the ladies of the night. Many of us spared no expense, having no idea if our next trip to the line was to be our last. We young lads learnt much about life and love, we were babes in arms mostly. Though we all thought otherwise at that time. The flesh-pots abounded, we had plenty of money saved, the damsels were gracious. Here I party on with an equally young Yank Gob, and an older, wiser dig. The glassy look in my eyes was not from camera flash.

Ebisa Camp, Tokyo, One month after the cease-fire
August, '53. R&R one month after the cease-fire. Koohaburra Club, Ebisu Camp, Tokyo
The "Habituals":
Smithy L. G.; Smithy S.W.; The Sneer; Kiwi

The shooting has stopped, and here I appear to have retained some measure of intelligence. Maybe I was just warming up for the day coming!

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