6 Pltn. at burnt village.

Most of 6 Pltn. at burnt village, 1952.
It contained several dead bodies and stunk like hell.

This was taken in the Imjim valley region, scene of the Glosters last stand in April '51. Two of the diggers in this group were killed later, three wounded and one taken POW by the Chinese.

Here we are just hanging around again, for some unremembered reason. I can remember the terrible smell, it is quite unforgettable.

Actually it isn't most of 6 platoon, just one section. The rest must be close by, waiting for someone to tell us what to do next.

Full strength Australian Infantry platoon Korean war consisted of:
  • Commander -- Lieutenant
  • platoon sgt., (3 stripes)
  • radio man.
  • stretcher- bearer and 'runner' -- made up pltn. HQ.
  • Three sections - (squads) ---
    • corporal
    • lance/cpl . (pfc)
    • And ten men if lucky.

Seldom were there two NCO's available for one section. Senior cpl. often acted as pltn sgt. depending on casualties, or end of tour (12 months)

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