The Hook, '53.

The Hook, '53.
Typical example of the stone age men.

Yours truly and Snowy. Trying to stop the water pouring in.

Good grief, look how skinny I was nearing the end of two years there.

Here Snowy and I are busy trying to waterproof our 'better class of bunker' during the wet season. Where we scored the galvanized iron from Lord knows, but being at 'The Hook' gave access to quite a bit of good material.

Plainly I can't get any wetter and am just sporting underpants, that wouldn't have done for 'The US Marines' - no Sir! (You got _that_ right, Old Warrior, nor for 41RMC. [Uninvited comment from Yank Webmaster]) They were just around the corner from us and having a devil of a time with Charlie.

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