The Gay Minuet! 1953.

The Gay Minuet! 1953.
Snowy and I dancing to the gramaphone. Note the skull (illeg).

Someone came to light with a gramophone of the wind-up vintage, also a few records. None that I can recall had a radio in the line, so music was rather scarce. Here we have Snowy Woodhams wearing yet another cheeky 3RAR chapeau, a handkerchief knotted around his head, and is dancing with me. My haircut gave me a pointy head shape, barbers were your mates who owned a pair of scissors.

We are on the rear slope of the hill, out of sight of Charlie. Thus the exposed bunker entrance, which you wouldn't dare have on the forward slope. This was taken following the Operation Buffalo raid and Snowy was one of our reinforcements, of which we needed plenty. The patrolling from here was quite arduous, the valley being so big we had to protect it with a large number of night patrols.

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