August 1952. Building a bunker.

August 1952. Building a bunker.

The soldier at the rear in this photo was killed by a shell about 4 weeks after this was taken.

Age 19.

Bunker construction

Now this shows two Digs making a two man bunker. Doesn't appear to be very wide, nor deep but it will have a sturdy roof over it when finished and that was the main requirement. This was on the Samichon Valley where we were quite a way from Charlie, opposite sides of the valley were about 2000 yards apart. With that in mind he usually sent us quite large projectiles when giving us a touch-up from time to time.

Logs will be layed across the top of the hole, ends resting on the sandbags and with long wiring piquets added to help fill the gaps. Thus the width was cut down to suit the piquets which were about 8' long. The logs and piquets will have at least two layers of sandbags, then whatever waterproofing material available then another layer of bags finished off with probably 2' of compacted soil. The bunks are being cut into the back wall by the look of this photo, and various slots may be cut in the wall in which to stow your gear.

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