Joe Stuart(?) 1952.

Joe Stuart(?) 1952.
About January, after 'hairy' time attached to Yanks. Rest area, would you believe!

Here is another digger with an enviable fighting record. He learnt his craft in WW2 and polished it up in some serious fighting in Korea. This was taken following the move from The Hinge, and being platoon sgt. he is of course tarted-up.

Note he even has his own clothes line and appears to have scrounged enough water to wash something. The tent in the background was made by joining two ponchos together, they only ever kept the sun off you and your mate. Looks like Joe has something more substantial, goes with the territory of platoon HQ no doubt!

Old Joe was mightily browned off with me one night, when by some chance we found ourselves about 1000 yards in front of The Hinge. Just as dark was descending and we were trying to figure out where we would be hit from first. Joe caught me absentmindedly stripping and cleaning my Owen gun. He was not pleased and told me so in a most uncouth manner.

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