One of the baggy arses. Bluey Clark 1951

One of the baggy arses. Bluey Clark 1951

Here is Bluey Clark a warrior of some note from Operation Commando in 1951, and six platoon's part of The Hinge battle. Bluey was a bit of a virtuoso with that bren gun, and did serious damage to the Chinese troops counter attacking there.

We had just been relieved from The Hinge and were in a slightly less worrying position here. Little did we know that soon we would be on the delightful 'Ham sandwich' position, compliments of our friends of 3 id.

You can begin to see why we referred to ourselves as 'Baggy arses' from the gear worn by Bluey. We weren't in No 1 dress much of the time, or 2, 3 or 4 for that matter.

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