The Hook, '53.

The Hook, '53.

Fancy fortified position, inherited from the Poms

Prefabricated Bunkers

Now we have moved up in style, this was the first time we came across prefabricated bunkers in the line. No way would these be referred to as foxholes, they were too good. This is a rear position plainly, and on The Hook in 53.

My guess would be that engineers and Korean laborers built them, not your ordinary line soldier. Those on the forward areas were under ground, and constructed using solid timber beams for frames and roof. They were as good as you could hope to get in every defensive way, and would need a direct hit from a fairly large caliber shell to destroy them.

I do not know if the Americans or Brits built these, the former I suspect as the cost could have been out of the Brit range at that time! Geez I look skinny here, things must have been getting to me by now!

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