Just before the cave in. Hook

Just before the heavy rains collapsed their bunker

Fred Goodare and Ted Shiplick surveying the mess.

These are not happy lads, their home is about to cave in despite their best efforts. One of the joys of the wet season and basic bunkers. You were frequently just as wet inside these things during the rain, as you would be outside. Keeping your gear dry was hopeless, and wearing wet clothes for days on end the norm. Keeping the fags dry was of vital importance to most, and your letters from home.

During the typhoon season, usually July and August, many of the basic bunkers would collapse from the sheer volume of water in the ground. Men asleep inside were occasionally drowned or suffocated.

(Two different hat styles here, one Yank and the other Oz tin. A US Marine comrade in arms once commented that the RAR wasn't a military unit, it was a herd. Well, this herd had sharp horns.)

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