Last smoke and brew before the 'fighter' left.

Last smoke and brew before the "fighter" left.
I expect Charlie went without his, he got there before us.

I don't recall this patrol but by the note written on back of photo, we came to grief! Not unusual when it often depended on who got out and in place first, us or Charlie. Case of first in best dressed.

You can see hanging on my belt a bag of Owen magazines, it looks like a water bottle carrier. Two grenades on the flak jacket, and perhaps more on the belt behind my back. The chapeau tonight is a woolen 'caps comforter' by name, perhaps it was getting cold! Behind my elbow is an ammunition box, and what appears to be a rack of shovels, the soldiers 2nd best friend. The bunker tells that we are on the rear side of the hill, out of Charlie's sight.

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