Eddy Wright, Ron Cashman inside our 'Foxhole'

Eddie Wright, Ron Cashman inside our 'Foxhole'

Life Underground

Eddie and I bunked together on and off over two years, when he was doing the 'spiffy' job as platoon signaler he often got to bunk in the more salubrious HQ bunker. This photo was taken early in 52 when we were on 'The bowling alley', as can be seen cramped and basic conditions were the order of the day. Charlie was just across the valley on four hills called Mathew, Mark, Luke and John (227).

The poncho hanging at the doorway was to keep the weather out and the light in (after dark). The men were so attuned to react even though asleep, they would wake instantly when someone touched the poncho; which happened when it was their turn to be woken for picket duty at night.

Outside the door a small tunnel turned sharply into the main trench and the fighting pit. Most depended on candles for lighting in their foxhole, some of the people higher up the social scale had lanterns. Bunks were always cut into the wall during this period, and if lucky a few beer boxes were scrounged to use for furniture. Pegs were driven into the wall and equipment hung on them, firstly to keep it out of your way; secondly to keep it dry if the hole was filling with water during rainy spells.

Such times saw us sitting crouched up on the bunk, watching the water level rise and cursing our ill fortune.

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