Cleaning the Browning gun.
Cleaning the Browning gun.

Yours truly and Kim Hung Koo. Cleaning the Browning gun. Rear position at Hook area, July 53 [one of my 2 KATCOMs].

By 1953 the Browning had become quite common in 3RAR 'line companies'. Prior to that period a few units had them, acquired from our Yank buddies one way or another. Note the two different drinking mugs sitting on the ground. The right side one came with a set of eating dixies and cutlery, made from duralumin or aluminum I think. The left side one was an enameled mug of Australian vintage, it was slightly better to drink from as it didn't get so hot when filled with hot tea.


The KATCOMS were Korean Army Training Commonwealth division. There were quite a number of these very young and green soldiers attached to the division. The unlucky ones got to join the 'line companies'. Many became casualties and most fought bravely.

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