Six platoon patrol preparing.

Six platoon patrol preparing. May 1953

That's me with the pensive look on my face and resting on my knee. I was a sight more active several hours later.

With 01, looks like we had a snap happy lad around or he may have been psychic and got the last photos of some of the lads who went missing.


Note the majority of weapons are semi-automatic Brens or Owens. All members of the patrol will wear flak-jackets, they were very protective against grenade shrapnel. Soldier at front left appears to have a rifle and is carrying spare magazines for a bren gun in his pocket. A rather ferocious bayonet is laying on the sandbags, they fitted both .303 rifle and Owen guns.

The trench line cut through the hillside is for protection and movement, if being shelled or mortared. Not too wide as can be seen, thus harder to drop a projectile into.

By the look of the CSM standing there, and the palatial sandbag structure. This most likely was company HQ. The CSM didn't go out on these patrols, but liked to dress up and be photographed with the lads.

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