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Eddy Wright. M.I.D.

Eddy Wright. M.I.D.
UK Enlistment from Shropshire.
Served 3 years Korea with 3 RAR and 15 years with the Btln.
Including Malaya, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo.

What more can I say about Eddie, he was and is R.A.R. to the core.

His one big thrill in life has always been to tell any Brit vets he meets, how bloody pleased he was to swap armies. He joined the Brit army as a Boy Soldier, aged about 15 I think. Then after serving in various units including airborne during the Berlin Airlift, he took the chance to swap armies. The B/S was getting to him back in England, and the call went around for volunteers to change to the Aussies and serve in Korea.

So that is what he did, and we were lucky to have him with us there.

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